Why Hire a Business Coach?

As a Leader and/or Business Owner, you might think you should have everything figured out, but sometimes this simply isn’t true. We all have our own skills and talents but leadership skills are rarely inherent and are normally something we have to learn along the way.

A Business Coach won’t tell you what to do but they will help you uncover those discoveries yourself.

Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed, unsure of your next move, in need of advice and want to see better results then below are just 5 of the reasons you should consider hiring a Business Coach. 

  1. They will push you outside your comfort zone 

It so easy for business owners or Leaders to become absorbed in their businesses and get stuck in a rut. A Business Coach will help you to go outside your comfort zone – try new things and drive you in a different more productive way. Asking the right questions to uncover the true reason you’re stuck and guide you towards making the right decisions for you and your success. 

  1. 1-2-1 focus with you getting 100% of the attention 

A Business Coach will spend time with you getting to know your whole business. Spending time with you on a 1-2-1 basis and giving you their full attention to focus solely on a subject that needs to be addressed. Someone who will not be afraid to tell you where you are going wrong and driving you to find the solutions for success. Their opinions and intuition will not be based on previous experience of your Company or the Industry. The advice will be unbiased based on their knowledge of you and your business alone and they can lead you to ‘light bulb’ moments of insight that someone closer to the business and industry may overlook. 

  1. Helping you bring your ideas to life 

As a Business Coach I have one goal and that is to make your ideas a reality. Many business owners have catalogue of brilliant ideas that stay just that! Sometimes knowing where to start is the problem. A Business Coach will help you to evaluate your idea, formulate plans business coaches have one goal; to help you turn your ideas into a reality. Although you may have many brilliant ideas for your Company or Team, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start and what to tackle first. Business coaches will assess your ideas to see if they are realistic, evaluate your plans and guide you to formulate them into implementation. 

  1. They are not your friend but they are a trusted Confident 

Running your own company or being at the ‘top’ can be lonely! It’s often hard to talk to the people around you about your true concerns. Sometimes you don’t want to burden them, sometimes its information that you are yet unable to share and often its a case of they just don’t get it. A Business Coach can be the sounding board that understands and provides that confidential and quiet space to hear your problems and help you find solutions to move forward. As I said earlier – they will not be afraid to address subjects that others closer to you may find difficult to raise and that you would find difficult to hear!  

  1. It will increase your confidence and success 

Many Business Owners or Leaders have ‘limiting beliefs’ Limiting beliefs are those beliefs about ourselves that constrain us in some way. “I’m not good enough” .. “I have no idea what I’m doing” .. “I’m a fraud and will be caught out at any time” Just by believing them, we do not do or say the things we feel we need to and therefore limit our progress and success. Doing so keeps you in a rut, doesn’t allow you to move forward and affects your confidence. We may have ‘limiting beliefs about rights, duties, abilities, permissions and so on. A Business coach will be able to elicit the belief and work with you on strategies for overcoming them which in turn will improve your confidence and success.

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