Icons, Game Changers & Trail Blazers!

Icons, Game Changers & Trail Blazers! Are you one?

It was recently International Womans Day and I was asked to give a talk about successful women at my local Woman in Business Networking Group. 

So, when I sat down to think about this talk and all the successful women out there doing great things in their field – what and who inspires me and what is it about their character that ties them together under than banner ofSuccessful, literally 50 names came to mind without even thinking too hard.

> Deborah Meaden best known for Dragons Den and has been successful in business for many years

> Baroness Karen Brady – yes she is Alan Sugars side kick for The Apprentice but is highly successful in her own right and on many fronts. She bucked the trend when she started running Birmingham FC!

> Martha Lane Fox – another Baroness and who Co founded

> Helen Mirren, Julie Walters, Joanna Lumley and Judi Dench. All successful actresses and all of whom do not confirm to the social pressures that this industry puts upon women with regards to ageing.

> Oprah Winfrey – everyone knows Oprah BUT her story is a true rags to riches one. She has also overcome so much adversity in her life where many others would have crumbled.

> Sports women like Kelly Holmes, Paula Dunn, Rebecca Adlington and Jessica Ennis-Hill – none of who need introduction or explanation and all of whom are successful Olympians.

I could go on and on ….. 

Every one of these women and every one of you are endowed with greatness. Greatness that only you can unlock.

Every successful woman mentioned here has certain characteristic traits that run through all of them and I’ve chosen just 10 of those to share with you.

1. Positivity. There’s no energy in the world that can imitate the feeling of when a positive, confident woman enters a room. However, a positive attitude takes effort on your part. Negative thinking needs to be replaced with positive ones. Successful women don’t allow that internal voice to tell them you’re not good enough or you can’t. They surround themselves with like minded, positive people that believe in & support them.

2. She overcomes obstacles. Each of them use adversity to their advantage and will not accept no for an answer. Ellen Degeneres said “ Its our challenges & obstacles that give us layers of depth and make us interesting. Are they fun? – NO! But they are what makes us unique. And that’s what I know for sure …. I think” Great women know that failure and success go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other. Failure means you tried and you learned. If you believe that you can only go so far …. thats just an obstacle for you to get over.

3. She is strongminded. Strong minded is not being rude – it is knowing your values & beliefs and not be swayed by someone else’s views that conflict with yours. They have confidence in their own convictions. Its empowerment, its courage, its confidence and self discipline. Its having a healthy self image without ego and arrogance. Not one of them have the belief they are more important or above another.  

4. She is compassionate.  Compassionate women have great influence. They are naturally empathetic and are able to build great rapport. They are more sympathetic and are motivated to go out of their way to help those less fortunate than themselves. Compassion helps them to connect with people in a more meaningful way and thus encouraging better mental & physical health in others and themselves.

5. She has integrity. Highly successful women do not leave victims in their wake. She knows there is no need to step on others to get to the next level. Integrity is at the very core of their character. Living by your convictions, always putting your morality before money gains respect and trust. From this, personally and professionally, you will grow.

6. Successful women have balance. Our lives revolve around four major areas; family & friends, health, wealth and spirit. Each of these must have balance to lead a fulfilled life. Successful women evaluate all of these areas on a regular basis and so should you. A truly balanced life allows you to think clearly with imagination and optimism.

7. She has clear vision. A clear vision helps you to pursue your goals and dreams. I’ve said this once or twice before – but having a visual prompt to remind you of your aims on a daily basis means you are over 50% more likely to achieve them. Every successful woman, no matter what her field, has a clear vision with her objectives and goals written down.

8. They remain grateful.  Now, there is a difference between being thankful and being grateful. Gratitude has far more feeling that being thankful, it is a much deeper appreciation of something. A moment, an event, a person – it is whatever gives you those goosebump moments. It may be something as simple as a sunrise! Having a mindset full of gratitude, will open up the space for us to be granted more. Successful women are truly grateful at all times. I’m even grateful for every mistake and failure that life dealt up and led me right here.

9. She is an inspiration. Great, successful woman teach. Others will always want to know what it is YOU have that keeps the flame inside you alive. She shares information, supports and guides those that require it and is able to inspire greatness in others for the future.

10. They don’t sweat the small stuff. The greatest point of resistance is just before a breakthrough. Women who are successful recognise that every success is the next step and not the final one. They embrace their failures as opportunities to learn and they don’t worry about the things they cannot affect – concentrating on the things they can.

So – 8th March was International Women’s day and the topic of Gender equality is everywhere at the moment. I don’t need to go into subject detail as we’ve all heard the news and realistically it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that as Women we support each other.  It’s always crystal clear who the strong women are; they are the ones that build each other up. They don’t see colour, religion, size, age or ability. They have beautiful minds and have the ability to make a positive impact and affect positive change. Be a strong, great women and someone that you would be proud of if you had to research yourself in the future.

So on that note, I will end with a saying that I use a lot and one that I’m not going to apologise for.

We are not the Housewives of Essex County, we are fire breathing, amazing, successful women who, if we were not us would want to be us.

Lisa Holton – Lisa Holton Coaching April 2018