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New Year – New You?   

I love New Years Eve.  I love it more than Christmas Eve and I know loads of you are thinking me odd right now but its true!

I have a tradition that my Mum started where in the early hours of Jan 1st I open all the doors and windows in the house to let the old year out and the new one in.

2019 was no exception – out with the old in with the new!

Whilst January 1st is just a date, for many people its a promise of new beginnings.

I have plans for this year but instead of pressurising myself to exceed certain ‘goals’ I’ve decided that I’m going to take one step at a time and I won’t berate myself if they don’t happen quick enough.

The main reason I’ve decided this is because life has a way of chucking stingers in the road to stop you in your tracks.

Like January 2nd and my planned return to work day.  I had a lovely and relaxing 10 day break from all things work related over the festive period and knew that on Jan 2nd I needed to get my head back in the game and crack on.

All the best laid plans and all that …..

I had sat at my desk, cup of tea at the ready and got a solid 2 hours work done in my pj’s and before the house woke up – I was rocking and rolling, smashing it some would say.

Its 8.30 and not only am I smashing it at work today but I’m a domestic goddess too!  I’ve got a load in the washing machine, I’ve ironed today’s clothes and now I’m going for a shower.

I’ve got my morning Syd Banks recording playing on my new bluetooth speaker and I’m feeling good! 

I’ve got 2019 by the short ones already and its not even 9am!

Thats when I hear the chaos on the other side of the bathroom door.  Clearly the boys of the house are up and need a wee and I’m tucked away in the only bathroom available.  I giggle a little bit to myself!

I finish showering, pull back the shower curtain and step into … A POND !!

SHIT …..

Dragging on my robe and opening the door I am greeted by panic and notified that not only is the bathroom a pond, so is the kitchen.  The walls below the bathroom are water features and all the electrics have blown.


Life has chucked one of the stingers in my pathway, a nice big curve ball, a giant googly!

The boys are panicking, shouting over each other and doing not much except getting wet …  and me?

Well I’m laughing … a lot.  In fact I’m laughing so much my Husband thinks I’m having a psychotic break.

Now here is the thing … a few years ago he may well have been right.  I’d have been having a complete melt down about it.  But not today.

Today I know that there are so many uncertainties in life, things we can never plan for or even be remotely aware of happening before they do. 

At 8.30 this morning I was smashing it as a business owner and a domestic goddess and at 10am all I am is wet!

All we can ever expect from life is the unexpected.  Don’t sweat the small stuff because thats all it is …. small.  Sometimes you just have to laugh and know that its not the end of everything!

Life will always (and really should always) throw you a curve ball from time to time.  We need to be tested to grow and to learn.

It’s not the curve ball that is the focus here though, it’s the way you deal with it that will determine whether you learn or crumble.

Its easy to let these curve balls knock you off course and send you in a direction you didn’t plan for.  Or those really tough ones that send you spinning off not knowing which way is up or which is down.

So whilst plans and goals for 2019 are fantastic – we shouldn’t get hung up on them if they don’t go completely to plan. 

Adding the weight of (quite often) unrealistic expectations on ourselves, will mostly only lead to disappointment, guilt and of feeling like you’ve failed.

Have the plan, have the goal, but if life throws a googly in your way – laugh at it because it’s never the end of the world. 

There is always a diversion available and it might take you a little longer to get to your destination but if you are determined and are not stressed about the extra mileage you will arrive right where you wanted to be.

You never know – the diversion may even take you to somewhere you’d have never visited otherwise!

My pipes had burst and I need a new bath as the fittings are (and I quote Will the plumber as he excused his French!) “as fucked as Nancy when she nicked Oliver back”

The kitchen walls need repainting and I’ve got to let the electric sockets dry out before I can use the washing machine again.

For all the boys panicking it didn’t change the outcome and no one got hurt – just wet and frustrated!

As for me, I’m still smiling about it.  I’m still a domestic goddess and I did everything today that I was meant to do yesterday anyway so it’s all fine.

Happy New Year Guys and remember, the small stuff needs no sweat

“Life is like any other contact sport. You may encounter hardships of one sort or another. Wise people find happiness not in the absence of such hardships, but in their ability to understand them when they occur.” Sydney Banks

By Lisa Holton of Lisa Holton Coaching


Can your thoughts be making you ill?   

My Mum passed away from cancer at Christmas 20 years ago. She was 47 years old and like so many other cancer patients, was too young to die.  At the time I was just 26.

I worried for a long time after, that because of similarities between my Mum and I, I was also going to die young from cancer.  I went to the doctors quite a few times over the next 5 years to take blood tests to make sure there was nothing sinister showing up in my blood.

I have never smoked, I eat healthily and exercise regularly so over time, I let this notion go and got on with my life very rarely making a Doctors visit at all.

Then around 2 years ago, I did the 3 peaks challenge and shortly after getting back home I got a really bad UTI which developed into an even worse Kidney infection.  When I started to pee blood I thought “I should see a doctor.”   They couldn’t quite work out what was going on and put it down to a bad infection caused by drinking bacteria contaminated water during my challenge.

This went on for weeks.  When it finally went I was left feeling very drained and still not 100% and I put that down to post infection fatigue!

However, over the next 12 months I developed all manor of problems with my kidneys, liver and heart and it was put down to the bacteria coursing through my internal system.

The upshot was that over 12-18 months I was just ill.  I lost weight (which I can ill afford to do!) and one thing after another went wrong and I just did not feel right for months.  All my friends and family were secretly worried about me.

My birthday is in July and in 2017 I turned 46.  The same age as my Mum when she was diagnosed with cancer in December 1997.  I was still not right.

In December 2017, just after Christmas, I was sitting quietly reading a book (Sydney Banks – ‘Liza’, I highly recommend it) and I had an amazing light bulb moment.  I had the sudden realisation that all this time, all this illness, I had been doing this to myself.

I realised that somewhere inside me, I still held onto the belief that I would die at 47.  This unconscious belief was making me ill.

Of course, I already knew that my thoughts would create a feeling and then a behaviour – its part of what I coach for goodness sake!  But I heard something – NO felt something, when reading this book and it opened the black out curtains for me.

Its so true that the body follows the mind, and my mind – my unconscious mind, was manifesting this illness in me because I believed unconsciously, that I would get ill and die young just like my Mum. 

All of a sudden I understood – I felt the truth about where it was all coming from.  I instantly felt amazing, really very well. I had more energy and to be honest I hadn’t realised until this point how ill I had felt over the last 18 months.  I promise you it was that quick!  This amazing feeling came over me – like being enveloped in love and I knew that from that day on I would be just fine.

It has shown me beyond doubt that the connection between mind and body is so much more powerful than we think.

In 1998, I had written, directed and took the lead role in the movie of my life.  I had predicted the future and believed it to be true and even though I had stopped playing this movie 15 years ago – the belief was still there.  The movie was playing quietly in an old cinema at the back of my unconscious movie theatre and was just waiting for the right time to come true! 

So – can you thoughts be making you ill?  Well yes and I don’t just believe it, I truly know, that your thinking can make you ill.  I’ve experienced it.

Of course, there are illnesses that are a natural consequence of being human and I’m not saying for 1 second to ignore symptoms simply putting them down to your thinking.  Always get these things checked out by a Doctor.  My Mum didn’t manifest her cancer and could not have simply imagined it away.    

But there are times when illness is just feedback.  Feedback from your soul not being nourished.  Feedback from your body missing something.  Feedback from Universal Mind that you have hit a speed bump and that this road is not the road for you.

So what do I do now?  I take any ill health symptoms as a direct sign that I am out of balance with life.  That I have hit a speed bump in the road and I am either going too fast or I am on the wrong road.  I understand that it’s just a disruptive thought creating an ill feeling and I don’t allow it to take control (or take root!)

I can’t control my thoughts – none of us can, but I do have the choice not to allow them to control me.

”We are all just one thought away from mental health”. Sydney Banks

By Lisa Holton of Lisa Holton Coaching