• You have just taken your first step towards transforming your life.

    Together we will explore your ambitions and get to the very heart of what challenges are in the way of you realising your full potential.

  • Are anxiety and doubts taking control and interrupting your daily life?

    Together, we can take on your fears, phobias and anxieties head on and rediscover your perfect self who worries less and sleeps more peacefully.

  • Life is busy and it can also be stressful.

    But, how often do we put ourselves first, stop and take stock and process the things which are making life more tough than it needs to be? Rarely, if ever!

  • Maybe you have personal or professional ambitions which you are eager to achieve,

    But somehow you are just not finding the right path to success. Is there a little voice somewhere saying you’re just not good enough?

  • Do you have unhealthy habits?

    Or crippling fears or phobias which are preventing you from enjoying the life you want to be leading? Or, has life dealt you a difficult card; a bereavement, a relationship breakdown, illness, maybe?

  • Whatever is holding you back in your life or in business,

    We can work together to find the right techniques and tools to make the progress you’ve been hoping for. Find that lost confidence, be strong enough to face that difficult situation, push through your limiting or paralysing thoughts and emotions to become the person you want to be.



After 25 years within a corporate environment, mostly within sales management related roles, burn out & despondency hit and I knew I had to to do something else. What that was, I had no idea. The only thing I knew for sure was that I was not doing what I was meant to be. As one of my passions is horses, I thought that I could work with horses - I loved all things horsey so it was a no brainer right? Well, wrong!

What I didn’t plan for was the sheer panic that rose in me the day I actually left the Company. What was I doing? I had walked away from a secure career, a regular well paid salary, a Company where I was well known and well respected. I handed over my keys, phone, laptop, car and my whole being! I fell into a spiral of fear, anxiety, guilt. I was like a child whose comfort blanket had been taken away and without all of the things that my job provided me I was lost. I didn’t know who I was without it. The only thing I still knew for sure was that, my old job, that old me - wasn’t who I was either and I had a purpose I just didn’t know what that was - yet.

The road to finding out was a roller coaster ride. After many failures, a lot of souI searching and tearful times, I finally realised my passion was to help people overcome their challenges and guide them to living a full and free life. I discovered this through meeting a marvellous Coach who with just a simple conversation opened me up to the possibilities available to any of us if we can just learn how to quiet our minds and let creativity in.
I knew what I should be doing in life. The feeling I had to be able to give back and to make a difference was overwhelming and so I embarked on a learning mission. After training to be a Coach and a Master of NLP and Hypnotherapy Lisa Holton Coaching began its journey. I say began, because for me this journey will be a never ending one of new learnings, insights and discoveries on how I can help my Clients even more.

My work also allows me to be able to work with SSAFA, the Military Charity, as a Volunteer Mentor; helping Ex Military to overcome the complex and unique challenges them and their families can find tough to take on when returning to civilian life. Something I am extremely proud of.

So, this a little about me and my journey and if you are ready to embark on yours then I would be delighted to be your companion.

Lisa Holton Life & Business Coaching is accredited to the American Board of Hypnotherapy, American Board of NLP, is certified by Auspicium and is a Fellow of the Institute of Sales Marketing and Management.


Lisa Holton Life & Business Coaching works with you to break through the barriers which are holding you back and make the positive changes you need to become the person you want to be.


Whether in your personal or professional life, a series of techniques and tools can be used to help you to regain your freedom to live a healthy life without stress and anxiety

Work Together

We can work together to resolve your unhealthy habits, addictions, fears and phobias so they are no longer in control of you. Depression, anxiety and stress can have a crippling affect on your life; let’s take charge and find the strength together to fight back and find an inner peace.

Find a way

Has a bereavement shaken your world and left you feeling lost, angry, desperate and simply unable to cope with every day life? You can find a way through and we can work on the coping techniques together.

Peace & Harmony

Family life can bring about its own challenges. From toddlers and teenagers testing the boundaries to marriages put under immense strain; transformational coaching can arm you with the strength and the power to bring peace and harmony to your home.

Get Ahead

If you’re a business person keen to get ahead at work, but finding something is always holding you back, we can work together on overcoming the obstacles standing in your way. Or a business owner wanting to bring leadership and management qualities to your Teams.




Here you will find a range of upcoming workshops, presentations & coaching events.

I can also tailor workshops or coaching events to your requirements so if you wanted something a little more specific to your needs I’d love to hear from you.

If you have an event of your own and would like me to add to it by sharing an outside perspective, giving support or motivation (or all three!) Then I’d be delighted to talk to you about appearing as a Guest Speaker and delivering a message that can really resonate with your audience.


No Events on The List at This Time


Welcome to my blog! Here, we can get to know each other a little better. I will chat to you through these pages about how I am working with people just like you to transform lives and to enhance performance. This is where I will share tips and advice and, most importantly, I will help you to see there is a way through, no matter what hurdles you may be facing right now. It would be great if you joined in the conversation, either by commenting under a post or contacting me directly. After all, it’s good to talk…

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